Why you should #bethelight for so many families and donate to Hopeful Heart Project I consider myself extremely fortunate to know both Kayla & Jen and am an advocate of their mission through Hopeful Heart Project. When Kayla and I first met, I had no idea how instrumental she would be in my life until... Continue Reading →


"An affirmation opens the door. It's a beginning point on the path to change." Louise L. Hay Two months ago, I would have NEVER looked into making affirmation beads. I wasn't even sure I understood what the definition for affirmation was. I came across an instagram post about a mindful practice that some other women... Continue Reading →

Day 29: One Stillbirth Quote That I Love

"You were born silent. Perfect and beautiful. Still loved. Still missed. Still remembered. Everyday. Stillborn. But Still Born." I have a few favorite stillbirth quotes but the one above really hits home for me. Everything about the term "Stillborn" makes me cringe. Ellis' death was coined a "stillbirth", but that doesn't take away from the... Continue Reading →

Day 25: A Family Photo

"Family... where life begins and love never ends." I would give anything to go back and have you begin your life here on earth. Anything. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I do know that our love for each other and for you will never end. You're stuck with us, Ellis πŸ™‚ My favorite family picture:... Continue Reading →

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