Day 29: One Stillbirth Quote That I Love

“You were born silent. Perfect and beautiful. Still loved. Still missed. Still remembered. Everyday. Stillborn. But Still Born.”

I have a few favorite stillbirth quotes but the one above really hits home for me. Everything about the term “Stillborn” makes me cringe. Ellis’ death was coined a “stillbirth”, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he was Still Born. I labored for 6 hours with him. He was born silent. He was born still, yes. But he was still born.

It was very difficult for me to pick out just one quote/poem I like. I am sharing a few pictures of others that hit home for me.

This poem was printed in Ellis’ program at his funeral service.
It honestly didn’t bring me much comfort at the time, but the more I try to work on my relationship with God, the more comfort I feel.

This one brings me comfort. No matter the amount of guilt I will always feel for Ellis’ death, I know that all he knew was LOVE
Ellis = โค

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