Day 28: Jewelry I Wear In Memory Of You

“Hold my hand and I will hold yours. Love, Ellis”

The quote above is what Marcus had personalized on the back of the necklace below. This necklace is Ellis’ handprint that the funeral home had taken to keep in their files. When we were making arrangements for Ellis’ service, the mortuary had given us a pamphlet for a company called Legacy Touch, who specializes in personalized handprint and footprint jewelry. I had made the comment that I would like a necklace of some sort, but didn’t talk about it further. That December, Marcus had secretly purchased a necklace for me and gave it to me at Christmas. It is such a special piece of jewelry. I will often grab on to my charm and it brings me back to holding Ellis’ hand. Touching his long, delicate fingers. They were so soft.

One other piece of jewelry I wear in memory of you is my ring. It contains your ashes and a lock of your soft, dark hair.
I wrote a blog post about this ring last winter. Click below to read it.

If you are a parent who has lost a child and have memories, ashes, hair, breast milk, etc., I encourage you to check out Milky Mudra. She has so many options and can add a variety of inclusions to any piece. She is so easy to work with and creates truly beautiful pieces.

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