Day 26: My Favorite Ultrasound

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.”

You were my first baby where I was fortunate enough to get 3D pictures. You were measuring bigger, so I had my regular 20 week ultrasound, but then also had a 32 week and a 37 week ultrasound, where they took 3D pictures of you.

I used to say that I thought 3D pictures were “creepy”. You could see what the baby would look like! In this instance, I loved looking at your 3D pictures. After you were born sleeping, I treasured your 3D ultrasounds even more. These were real pictures taken of you when you were alive, in my belly. Safe. I look at them often (they still hang on the fridge) and smile because you look SO much like your brother, Esley. I knew you were a boy from the beginning, but when I saw my ultrasound pictures, there was no doubt in my mind you were a boy. Your nose and lips were an exact match of your brother’s <3.

What a beautiful baby you were, Ellis. Absolutely beautiful.

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