Day 25: A Family Photo

“Family… where life begins and love never ends.”

I would give anything to go back and have you begin your life here on earth. Anything. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I do know that our love for each other and for you will never end. You’re stuck with us, Ellis πŸ™‚

My favorite family picture:

This picture is the only one we will ever have where our family is complete. We will never get these moments back. This picture means the world to me. We were all so in love with you and this picture shows that. Esley trying to grab your fragile body and hold you close to him. Easton delicately wrapping his arms under you, and looking at you with such wonder and love. We are all looking down at you, taking in your every feature and detail. Knowing our time with you will be all too short. I will forever cherish this family photo. I will forever cherish the sweet moments and memories of May 7th in my heart… knowing I will never get them back… knowing my grief is really just all of my love for you.

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