Day 23: Something That Reminds Me Of You

“Dragonflies have traditionally
been one of a select few
creatures that have been known
to carry a deceased persons
energy (soul) to their loved
ones. Contact from one of these
simple, yet splendid creatures
brings peace to a grieving soul.
A light touch reminds us that our
loved ones are never that far away,
even after death. They also teach us
about the brevity of life, as most
butterflies live a few hours to a
few days. The same is true of the
dragonfly which lives up to a few
short months. They also remind us
of the beauty within that brevity.
For beyond what we cannot see
lies beauty as well.

My mother-in-law had given me this poem on a piece of paper along with a dragonfly made out of wire, glass beads, and wine corks. Shortly after that, we were up north fishing on Lake of the Woods. It was 4th of July… the first big holiday without Ellis. I was extremely sad and trying to hide my tears, when Easton caught his first fish, all by himself. He had just put his rod back in the water when a little dragonfly flew all the way up his rod, around his head, fluttered in front of my face for a second and then flew to the back of the boat and hovered over Marcus and Esley. I was in shock. We were in the middle of the lake, with no land in sight, and this dragonfly flew around each one of us just long enough for us to notice it. It gave me the chills, and it was my first clear sign that Ellis was with us.

Since then, dragonflies have had an effect on me, my family, and friends. It’s our sign that Ellis is with us. It is so nice to have something that reminds me of my son. A symbol for my boys.

I asked a friend to draw up a dragonfly “wordle” and he over-exceeded my expectations. The words were sent to us by our families. Words that came to mind when they thought of Ellis. Words that reminded them of Ellis. These words mean so much. This picture means so much.

I didn’t understand how much a symbol would mean to us. Our family, friends, acquaintances, people I’ve just met… it allows us the opportunity to share Ellis with others. It allows us to share stories with each other. It allows us to bring up Ellis’ name.
If you have a dragonfly story, please, don’t ever hesitate to share it. When others reach out to me, I savor their words, and share them with my husband and boys. They enjoy hearing them too. It is a reminder that others are thinking of him as well <3.

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