Mourning Dreams

Today has been rough. To the point where I drop my oldest off for a birthday party and cry the second I get in the car. Where I tear up instantly at the sight of a dragonfly or the sound of my mom and sisters' voice. Where I force myself to read my daily devotional,... Continue Reading →


Mothers who have lost know... triggers are inevitable. They are sparse at times and abundant at others. There is really no way to prepare for them, even if you are attempting to prepare. Triggers have no remorse or empathy. They catch you off guard and take every ounce of mustered energy you have left. This... Continue Reading →

822 Days

Remember my last post, "Complacency"? If you haven't read it or need a refresher, it was basically about how my faith and relationship with God has been complacent recently. With that said, I recently made the decision to start a daily devotional and actually follow through with it this time. How easy is it to... Continue Reading →

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