May 13th

This day one year ago, I was sitting in the front row of the church at Ellis' funeral service. Marcus doesn't like it when I call it a "funeral" but that's what it was. Some people coin the term, "Celebration of Life" after someone has passed. One in particular being my Grandma Adrienne's service. We... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of “Mother’s Day”

Technically, this year will be my 2nd Mother's Day without Ellis here, but it feels as if it will be my 1st, just because I have spent the last twelve months grappling with the fact that my son has died. He is gone and will never come back. Last year, Mother's Day was exactly one... Continue Reading →

365 Days

1 year 52 weeks 365 days 8760 hours 525,600 minutes 31,536,000 seconds Since I saw your beautiful face... for the last time Since I kissed your soft cheeks... for the last time Since I saw your brothers hold you, sing to you, and love on you... for the last time Since I held you... for... Continue Reading →

Bereaved Mothers

I sit here beginning to write this post at 9:35pm. It was exactly one year ago that Marcus and I were leaving the house to get to the hospital to try find our baby's heartbeat... not knowing how quickly our lives would change in the next 60 minutes... not knowing how soon I would know... Continue Reading →

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