Caring Cradle Purpose

How does one keep their child’s memory alive after they are gone?

This is the one question I have asked myself numerous times. These last 9 months without Ellis have been the hardest and most challenging months our family has ever had to endure. I honestly don’t really have the words to explain the heartache and devastation that we face every single day. With Ellis’ first birthday coming up in a few short months, I have been trying to find a way to honor his memory, while helping other families who are unfortunately handed the same devastation and heartache. In doing lots of researching, I came upon the Caring Cradle, a cooling bassinet, designed to give families more time with their babies after they are born sleeping, or have died. After having Ellis, I wasn’t fully prepared for how his little body would change during his time in the hospital. unfortunately, death is not kind to little ones 😦 If he would have been in a cooling bassinet, more family from out of town and close friends could have had the chance to meet him, hold him, and love on him.

My hope is that something positive will come out of our situation and help other families in the process, all while remembering our sweet Ellis.

You can watch the video below to get more information and visit the links below to donate!

*Please disregard my kids in the background of the video πŸ™‚Β



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  1. Beautiful! You are doing such an amazing thing by helping others who are dealt a hand that isn’t fair or expected! I love you for who you are, Dani, and know that you are making a difference in people’s lives while helping Ellis’ memory to live on forever! I miss Ellis every day! I love you guys!


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